Dude, Where’s My Workflow?

There is no built view in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that shows the different solutions to which a component (such as Workflow Rule) is related. If you have many solutions, iterating through all of them can be exhausting and time consuming.

The following query retrieve all solution which contain a Workflow Rule named testwf:

<fetch version=”1.0″ mapping=”logical”>
    <entity name=”solution”>
        <attribute name=”friendlyname”></attribute>
        <link-entity name=”solutioncomponent” from=”solutionid” to=”solutionid” >         
            <link-entity name=”workflow” from=”workflowid” to=”objectid”>
                    <condition attribute=”name” operator=”eq” value=”testwf“></condition>      

The solutioncomponent entity binds elements such as Workflow Rule to Solutions. The solutionid attribute maps each solutioncomponent record to a Solution record and the objectid attrbiute maps to the Workflow Rule. Off course, you can find any solution element with a similar query, just change the relationship attribute.

Here is the query result which includes two solutions:

    "formattedValues": {},
    "friendlyname": "Default Solution",
    "solutionid": "fd140aaf-4df4-11dd-bd17-0019b9312238"
    "formattedValues": {},
    "friendlyname": "Web API Samples",
    "solutionid": "1c35faf2-ee8c-4a1c-a838-d49692d0d941"

You can use various tools to run FetchXML queries, I am using XRMToolBox.